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Welcome to Cedar Grove

A small guesthouse, allowing you to experience the peace and tranquility of Tamba-Sasayama at your own pace.

Get in touch to learn more.

You have our undivided attention.

The Cedar Grove Experience

Unwind. Reset. Reconnect

Set amidst lush forests and green fields, our clean and simple century-old farmhouse invites you to take a pause, and reconnect with yourself and with the beauty of nature.

An individual dwelling, our farmhouse is exclusively yours for the duration of your stay.


Located in Konda-cho, Tamba Sasayama, the Cedar Grove is a stone’s throw from the Tachikui district. Home to one of Japan’s six heritage kilns, Tachikui is home to 60 pottery studios.


Stay with us to recharge with hikes through the picturesque forests, reconnect with hands-on farming experience, create your own pottery masterpiece, or just be.

Your experience, just the way you want it.

Bespoke Experiences



Futon set, pillow and comforters provided.

Nearest Station

We do recommend getting here by car or rental car which is more convenience to get around, however if you do not we do offer pick up service from
the nearest JR train station Kusano Station.


Hiking up Mt. Shiraga 722m with a spectacular panoramic views some says it is a hidden treasure of Kansai, or countryside walk is more for you we recommend explore the scenic Tachikui area.


A fun activity with the family, if you would like to rent our BBQ pit do book ahead.

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Pottery Lesson

Create your Tamba-yaki pottery, lesson at pottery studio can be arrange. If you do not drive,
we at Cedar Grove would be glad to arrange.

Farming experience

For those with green finger
and wouldn't mind getting your hand dirty do join in the
farming experience.

Seasonal Activities

Mochitsuki (traditional rice pounding), Christmas wreath making are just some of the seasonal activities you can we offer contact us to find out more.


Enjoy making and eating
your own pizzas under the stars. 
Featuring our hand-built wood fire pizza oven.


We'll do the hard work of preparing the dough : )

book ahead and let us know how many pizzas you need.

Our Rooms

Minimum of 2 to Maximum of 5 people


If you need more information about our rooms, contact us.

Room rate

¥5000 per adult 
¥3000 per child ( 2 to 12 years old)
¥15000 for family with kids below 12 max 5pax

(contact us if there are more than 3 kids)

Futon set per guest, kerosene stove, fan and heated carpet.

Bathroom equipped with shampoo, body shampoo, towels and hair dryer.
We encourage you to try out Konda Onsen which is less than 5km away. 

Kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, IH stove, coffee maker, toaster and basic cooking utensil.

Seasoning sugar, salt, pepper, oil and soy sauce are available.

We do not serve food, guest are encourage to bring your own food, or try out some of the
cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area.


BBQ grill  ¥1000 per group not including charcoal and fire starter.

Charcoal 3kg and Fire starter at ¥800 we encourage you to bring your own.


Pizza Oven ¥1000 per group including, fire wood ¥1000 (7kg) pizza dough ¥400 each for a 10 to 12 inch pizza.


We can provide basic breakfast ingredients upon request,
sliced bread with jam & butter, egg, coffee, tea or juice box for kids at ¥400 each  

Guest are responsible for preparing it.

*Please make request before 3pm for next morning breakfast.


Pottery classes, Farming experience
Christmas wreath making, Mochitsuki…


Contact us for details and fee

House Rules and Terms & Conditions

Cedar Grove Guest House provide basic essential facilities and services, we do not offer full fledge hospitality services do take that into consideration when making a reservation. Do treat it like your own home, however the basic etiquette and rules need to be adhered


House Rules 

Guest is requested to observe and comply with the following Rules established by Cedar Grove Guest House (CGGH) to ensure that Guests have a pleasant and safe stay in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts. If a Guest does not comply with the House Rules, CGGH may choose not to permit further use by the guest of the Guest House pursuant to Section 1 of Article 7 of said Terms and Conditions. CGGH will not be liable to any Guest or other person for any damage caused by his/her failure to comply with the House Rules


  1. CGGH facility aims to let you experience the nature of Tamba Sasayama in peaceful and quite environment, we do not expect guest to use it for drinking session or loud party.

  2. The number of occupants should not exceed the number stipulated in the Accommodation Contract.

  3. CGGH is a non-smoking premise, it is only permitted at areas mark out as smoking zone. 

  4. Please do not bring the following to CGGH

    • animals or birds (except for guide dogs)

    • combustible or inflammable explosives and volatile fuels, items detrimental to room hygiene, substances controlled in accordance with laws, ordinances, weapons, etc, and any items which are likely to harm or annoy Guesthouse’s staff, residents, or neighbors.

    • objects emitting foul door

  5. Please refrain from changing the location of equipment and articles of CGGH, or modifying, intentionally damaging, removing them from CGGH, or using such equipment and articles in ways other than originally intended.

  6. Please refrain from leaving personal effects outside CGGH.

  7. Please refrain from accessing facilities not intended for use by guests.

  8. Profit-oriented activities, gambling or other acts which are contrary to good morals or which cause an annoyance are strictly prohibited. 

  9. Please refrain from engaging in loud speech or action without considering that annoys Guesthouse’s staff, residents, or neighbors. Loud conversation, karaoke, playing of musical instruments, using of outdoor speaker, Bonfires etc is prohibited. Please refrain from having loud conversations after 9 pm. Outdoor activities etc barbecue should stop at 9 pm, as this is a farming community and residents here do turn in early for the night.

  10. Engaging in any other acts in violation of public order and morals, and detrimental to the safety and hygiene of the Guesthouse’s premises.

  11. Please let CGGH’s staff know immediately in case the equipment and articles of the Guesthouse are damaged or uncleaned for any reason for the purpose of maintaining the safety of our premises.

  12. Any damage to building, facilities, or items ON THE PROPERTY, the full amount of restoration fee will be charged regardless of the reason, such as “children have done ” or “ I / We were drunk”, refusal to pay for damages will be referred to police and it will be posted on social media. 

  13. Bedding (futons, pillows, sheets, etc.) and equipment should be kept clean, and be sure to store them as they were before checkout. Please note that cleaning fee will be charge if the bedding etc. is significantly soiled.

  14. Please be sure to wash and dry tableware and cooking utensils, return them to to where they were stored. Please note that a fee of ¥ 2,000 will be charged separately if you check out without cleaning up. 

  15. Please clean up after the barbecue expect barbecue grill, charcoal should be left in the grill). 

  16. Garbage need to be sorted into 4 types:  burnable garbage, plastic (container need to be rinse clean),  non-burnable garbage (can & bottles only), and  PET bottle leave them in the kitchen when you check out. Do not leave any trash outdoor to avoid attracting wild life.

  17. After the customer leaves, if the equipment, goods are found to be stolen and it is deemed to be the customer's responsibility, the damage fee will be borne charge to the customer.  

  18. If abnormal consumption of electricity, gas, water, kerosene, etc. is found after the customer leaves, the representative may be required to bear the actual cost in full.  

  19. CGGH is not responsible for any accidents caused by your carelessness or accidents caused by not complying with this agreement.  

  20. Guest to ensure the security of their valuables, CGGH will not be responsible for the loss of any valuables, goods, etc. brought in by the customer.  

  21. In case of force majeure such as a natural disaster, no cancellation fee will be charged.  

  22. Matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws or customs.  

  23. Usage liability arises at check-in and ends at check-out. We can accept special contracts as long as they do not violate the terms of use, laws and customs.

Terms & Conditions for Accommodation Contracts

Article 1. Scope of application

Contracts for Accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between CGGH and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions, and any particulars not provided for herein shall be governed by laws and regulations, and/or generally accepted practices. 


In the case where CGGH has entered into a special contract with the Guest insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations or generally accepted practices, notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. 


Article 2. Application for Accommodation Contract 

Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation Contract shall notify CGGH with the following particulars:

1. Name(s) of Guest(s) and contact information to be registered.

2. Date(s) scheduled for overnight stay and estimated time of arrival and departure.

3. Accommodation charges and Credit Card payment information.

4. Other information considered necessary by CGGH.


In the case that the Guest has requested, during his/her stay, an extension of an overnight stay beyond the date described the Guesthouse shall handle his/her request as a new application for an Accommodation Contract which has been made at the point in time when the said request has been made.


Article 3. Refusal of Accommodation Contract and The Right of The Guesthouse to Cancel the Contract

The following are cases where the Guesthouse will exercise it’s right to refuse or cancel the Conclusion of the Accommodation Contract:

  1. When the application for accommodation does not conform with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;

  2. If an applicant applies without actually intending to stay overnight.

  3. If an applicant is a member or related to a member, of an organized crime group, a body related to an organized crime group, or other anti-social forces in accordance with the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members and the ordinances concerning the elimination of organized crime groups; 

  4. When the Guest seeking accommodation is considered likely to behave in violation of the provisions of the ordinance, public order, or good public morals; 

  5. If an applicant for a room is consequently likely to annoy Guesthouse’s staffs, residents, and neighbors, or interfere with the Guesthouse’s operations, or an act is committed by a Guest which hinders fire prevention or protection; 

  6. If an applicant for a room has been clearly identified as a contagious or infectious disease carrier or having a serious physical or mental illness; 

  7. If a minor stay or applies for a room without the approval of his or her Guardian; 

  8. When the CGGH is fully booked and is not available; 


Article 4. The Guest's Right to Cancel the Contract

  1. The Guest may request the Guesthouse to cancel the Accommodation Contract.

  2. In the case that the Guest has canceled the Accommodation Contract in whole or in part due to causes attributable to him/her, payment of penalty shall be required as specified in the below table.

  3. In the case that the Guest does not arrive by 7:00 p.m. on the day of an overnight stay without informing the Guesthouse of a delay (or after the lapse of 4 hours past the scheduled time of arrival if indicated by the Guest beforehand), the Accommodation Contract concerned may be considered to have been canceled by the Guest and will be handled accordingly.


Article 5. Registration of Accommodation

The Guest shall register the following particulars on the day of accommodation: 

  1. Name, age, sex, address, and occupation of the Guest(s); 

  2. Except in the case of a Japanese national, nationality, passport number, port, and date of entry in Japan; 

  3. Date and estimated time of departure, and 

  4. Other particulars deemed necessary by the CGGH. 


In the case of Guest who resides outside of Japan, the following information will be required on the Guest’s arrival; nationality, passport number, place, and date entered to Japan.


Article 6. Occupancy Hours of Guest House

  1. The entitled time for the Guest to use the Guesthouse shall be from 3:00 p.m. till 10:00 a.m. of the following morning, except when the Guest stays for more than one night in succession, in which case the Guest may use the guest room all day except the day of arrival and the day of departure.

    • Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding Paragraph, there are cases where the Guesthouse may accept the use of the guest room in hours other than those specified in the preceding Paragraph. In this case, extra charges shall be paid as follows:

      • Up to 3 hours: 25% of the room charge

      • Up to 6 hours: 50% of the room charge

      • More than 6 hours: 100% of the room charge 


Article 7. Compliance of the Rules of Use of the Guesthouse

While staying in the Guesthouse, the Guest will be required to comply with this Terms & Conditions for Accommodation Contract and Rules of Use of the Guesthouse as prescribed by us.


Article 8. Payment of Charges

  1. Payment of the accommodation charges, etc. described in the preceding Paragraph shall be made by cash in Japanese currency (Japanese Yen) or by such other means as shall be acceptable to CGGH such as traveler’s cheques, coupons or credit cards when the Guest departs from the Guesthouse.

  2. In the case that the Guest has not stayed at the Guesthouse at his/her discretion even after we have offered the guest room to the Guest and made it available for him/her to use, the accommodation charge will still be charged.

  3. If, in the absence of a prior application with the Guesthouse, the number of occupants of a room is found to exceed the number stipulated in the accommodation contract by the Guesthouse, usage charges for the number of excess occupants shall be billed.


Article 8. Responsibility of the Guesthouse

In the case that we have inflicted damage on the Guest in the course of fulfilling the Accommodation Contract and related Contracts or in breach of these Contracts, we shall compensate for the said damage, unless the said damage has been caused due to a cause not attributable to us.


Article 9. Handling in Case the Guest Room Contracted Is Not Available

  1. Should the guest room contracted for the Guest under the Accommodation Contract become unavailable for him/her, the Guesthouse shall try to offer other accommodation facilities under the same conditions as the original Accommodation Contract as far as possible, subject to the consent of the Guest concerned.

  2. If the Guesthouse is unable to arrange a different lodging facility via intermediation despite the Guesthouse’s endeavors to do so in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the contents of the correspondence will be decided over discussion between the Guesthouse and the Guest.


Article 10. Liability in regard to Parking

When the Guest uses the parking area of the Guesthouse, the Guesthouse only lends the parking area and does not assume responsibility for care and custody of the vehicle parked.


Article 11. Liability of the Guest

In the case that the Guesthouse has suffered damage due to the intention, negligence, or fault of the Guest, the Guest will be required to compensate the Guesthouse for the said damage.


Attached Table No.1

Cancellation Charge (Ref. Paragraph 2 of Article 4) 


7 to 4 days Prior to Accommodation Day 20%

3 to 2 days Prior to Accommodation Day 50%

1 day Prior to Accommodation Day 80%

Actual day or no show 100%



  1. The “%” is the percentage of the Penalty against the total accommodation charge.

  2. In the case that the Guest requests to reduce the number of days for accommodation and is accepted by the Guesthouse, a penalty for one day (first day) shall be charged regardless of the number of days reduced.

  3. In addition to that set forth in each of the preceding paragraphs, the Guesthouse may set special provisions for penalties according to the contents of the Accommodation Contracts.



About personal information 

We will store and manage all of your personal information safely and appropriately. We will only use it to contact customers and provide information, and will not provide or disclose information to third parties.


Bugs and other wild animals such as wild boars and deers do appear around the Guesthouse. Since our life is always side by side with nature, there are days of fluctuating temperature and unpredictable weather. Such inconvenience and harshness of nature are also a part of life at this Guesthouse. We would appreciate it if you could kindly accept such living things and circumstances.


















• お客様にご利用いただけない施設への、立ち入りはご遠慮ください。また、ご予約の際にお知らせいただいた方々以外の方の、敷地内への立ち入りもご遠慮ください。




 •ゲストハウスのスタッフ、居住者、近隣にお住いの方々等の迷惑を顧みない、周辺道路や敷地内においての大声での会話や騒がしい行動はお控えください。 また、マイクの使用、カラオケ、楽器の演奏、屋外スピーカーの使用は禁止されています。 バーベキュー、花火などの アウトドアアクティビティは午後9時までに終了願います。





























 ・ゲストハウス周辺には虫やイノシシや鹿などの野生動物が生息しています。 古い家屋のため虫が屋内にも入りますことをご了承ください。


私たちの生活は常に自然と共存しております。一年を通じて気温が激しく変動し、天候の予測ができない日もたびたびあります。 このような不便さ、自然の厳しさも、ゲストハウスで体験できる生活の一部として、ご容赦いただければ幸いです。


+81 90 6394 4820

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